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SustainabilitySoup delivers blog posts that contain in-depth knowledge and analysis concerning “green,” sustainable agriculture methods and food system innovations. The solutions that humanity is developing now will, we sincerely hope, allow us to avoid climate catastrophe. We must change the we grow our food worldwide. We’ve depended upon nature for all of human history to grow our food, and still do. Now, nature depends on us in order to conserve its life-giving potential. We must reshape our agri-businesses to revive a dying world. We can no longer be complacent and allow “externalities” to go unchecked by the farming community and food industry. We as citizens of this planet have to take responsibility.

This blog aims to show you what the way forward is regarding agriculture. It seems like a dire situation, and it’s upsetting to every single one of us. The problem is that it is dire. The way we choose to cope with impending disaster and the permanent redesign of our planet will determine our fate. We can either deny it in fear. Or we can use that fear to drive ourselves to work harder, think harder, and feel harder so as to create real solutions.

The human imagination is infinitely powerful. It is up to us to use that imagination to create a new future of food. I believe every single human is a vast source of creative potential waiting to be tapped. We have invented our way into the climate crisis, by God, we ought to be able to invent our way out of it.

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