What is Sustainable Agriculture?

Having food on the table comes at a great environmental cost. Agriculture is responsible for a host of environmental issues including climate change, water shortages, land degradation and deforestation. Should these problems persist, the abundance we enjoy will fail to last, and our future world could be a very bleak place.

With sustainability principles in mind, we can continue to grow crops and provide ourselves with quality goods and foods through innumerable generations.

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3 Innovative Sustainable Farming Companies

Companies around the world are working hard to make a difference in how we grow and raise our food. Innovation can come in many forms, whether it’s a nature-based way of harvesting food, natural ways to preserve food, or a revamping of farm financing. We highlighted these three unique innovative sustainable farming companies who are changing our world.

Top 5 Sustainable Gardening Projects for Small Spaces

You don’t need to go to the market to have tons of delicious produce. Here are 5 easy-to-implement sustainable gardening projects that you can do at home to maximize your garden’s potential no matter how big or small. These techniques will help you to maximize yields, fully utilize your limited space, and grow your food in an eco-friendly way.

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